Calculate Linux

Calculate is a fast and functional user-friendly Linux distribution, based on Gentoo and still backward compatible with it. Calculate maintains an optimal balance between state-of-the-art and stability, providing the latest versions of applications and stable versions of libraries. Calculate uses rolling release updates, which means that once your system has been installed, you can update it throughout the life of your computer.

Start and work

Calculate provides software you need for everyday work. Use the bottom panel to access the main applications.

Fast as the wind

Calculate runs reliably on old computers. You can optimize it for your hardware and tasks at any time.

Latest versions

Install once and update throughout the entire life of the computer, or apply the updates as a system image, without interrupting your work.

Stable updates

Two repositories, for testing and stable updates respectively, give you a choice between stability and state-of-the-art packages.

A client/server solution

Create a heterogeneous network based on Calculate using roaming profiles, a centralized account system and network resources shared between Linux and Windows clients.

A handy desktop environment

Should you switch between KDE, Cinnamon, MATE, Xfce, or else LXQt, your window manager will behave in a familiar way.

Optimal for VPS

Low system requirements and installation supported for any shared host or LXC / LXD container make it possible for Calculate to be used even on low performance computers.

:palette icon "Calculate: make it your way":

make it your way":

Customize depending on your activities with Calculate Utilities. Customize the appearances. Test new builds on a multiboot flash drive.